How iWIFI Used Beyonary To Improve Their Sales Process By 300%.

How iWIFI Used Beyonary To Improve Their Sales Process By 300%.

Connecting Malaysian Homes To The Internet

Founded in 2020, iWIFI is Malaysia’s first and only website that brings together 13 of the country’s leading telecommunications providers. Their mission is to improve the experience of the internet connection for every Malaysian household.

But their platform isn’t the only thing that’s unique. Unlike its competitors, iWIFI doesn’t just provide a platform for internet comparison and purchase. They also collaborate with residential partners by supporting them to generate their own sales using iWifi equipment, which is a system created by Beyonary. 


iWiFi has always been using a system to generate their sales orders, however the system’s drawback was that it was challenging to use and it was too slow. In addition to that, the system is difficult to operate and makes even basic activities like eliminating unneeded order data difficult. Not only that, they also faced issues such as:

  1. It lacks numerous essential functions.
  2. There were too many extraneous features included.
  3. Not user friendly & slows down the entire sales process.


1. Birth of Agile & Flexible System

iWIFI was involved in every stage of development, from planning to implementation. Beyonary created an agile and flexible online system that has better transparency, integration of input, and quality-control elements that give users improved control over the sales process. In this new system, the admin can control, edit, and manage users—as well as choose what can be displayed to users.

2. Automated Processes Via Collaborative Ecosystems

iWIFI sees the importance of tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), so we worked together to create a business dashboard with a visual summary of KPIs and other key data points that shows complex data sets in at-a-glance views. This enables iWIFI leaders to know how their teams are doing and what actions to take. Not only that, Beyonary also helped create

  1. Automate lead collecting from all marketing channels so that iWIFI can more easily determine which is more effective.
  2. Manage their customer base through the system by changing the customer’s information, making an order for the customer, and getting in touch with them by phone, email, and WhatsApp.
  3. Manage sales opportunities based on a client’s temperature (i.e. cold, warm & hot customers).
3. Empower Sales Team Through Referral Link & Page Creation

iWIFI and its residential partners collaborate by giving each residential partner its own site and portal to manage leads. Beyonary also worked with iWifi to create a system for managing their commission payments, which are paid to sales representatives. Additionally, Beyonary developed a strong promotion management module that allows iWifi to schedule promotions for its end users.


The system developed by Beyonary has been instrumental in helping iWIFI gather more than x customers in just over a short year and improved their order processes by 3x faster than before.

iWIFI is a long-term client of Beyonary, and throughout our period of working together, we’ve helped iWIFI build:

  • CRM system
  • Landing pages
  • Website

Beyonary final work is out of our expected, it’s amazing and what they done is exactly what we want. They have the mind set of business, skill of technology, understanding clients needs and touch deeply what going to be completed and act like the business is theirs. What I can comment to all business owner here is “if you never meet the programmer that you want, you need have a try with beyonary”.

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