Salina Associates & PR: Website Revamp

Salina Associates & PR, a boutique PR agency with over 20 years of industry experience, revamped their website to showcase their extensive client portfolio and enhance market credibility.


The redesign features a modern aesthetic and strategic content placement, aligning with the agency's minimalist design preferences while effectively communicating their expertise to visitors.

Minimalist website
The minimalist website design achieves a sleek and contemporary look by employing clean lines, spacious layouts, and a limited color palette. This approach emphasizes clarity and user experience, ensuring effective communication of information.
Showcase Client Logos Effectively on the Website
The website presents client logos prominently and cleanly, fostering credibility and trust. Through strategic placement and minimalist design, visitors gain insight into the agency’s extensive clientele.
Incorporate Past Projects (Newspaper Pieces) on the Website
The website now showcases past projects, including newspaper pieces, in a user-friendly manner, enhancing transparency and credibility effectively.

Timeline Summary


months project duration

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