Shiraz: Winery E-commerce

Shiraz is a distinguished provider of specialized alcohol, operating through two brick & mortar locations for over a decade. As a direct-to-consumer retailer, Shiraz has established a strong local presence and is now looking to expand its reach by embracing digital transformation.


This strategy aims to make their curated products more accessible, allowing customers to explore and purchase online, enhancing convenience and expanding their market presence.

Digital Transformation
This strategy integrates digital technology, creating a comprehensive online platform for customers to explore and purchase products easily, enhancing convenience and expanding Shiraz’s market presence.
Enhanced Catalog Accessibility
An intuitive online catalog lets customers effortlessly explore products, featuring detailed descriptions, high-quality images, and easy navigation, enhancing the shopping experience and making product interaction seamless.
Optimized Customer Experience
Visually stunning and user-friendly website that not only draws visitors in but also offers an exceptional user journey from browsing to checkout, ensuring every interaction is smooth, personal, and memorable.

Timeline Summary


months project duration

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