Shoebox: Disrupting The Accounting Industry By Making It Simpler.

Shoebox: Disrupting The Accounting Industry By Making It Simpler.

About Shoebox: Founded by founders, for founders.

Shoebox is all about simple, convenient accounting. At Shoebox, they believe that accounting and taxes shouldn’t be a difficult or confusing task. Their mission is to change the way small businesses view their financial information by making it easy, accessible, and understandable. They want to help small businesses to move away from traditional paper-based accounting and help companies embrace technology.

Shoebox – an accounting software that aims to allow small business owners to conveniently track spending and do other accounting activities so they can concentrate on managing and growing their business. With Shoebox, business owners can easily create invoices, track expenses and make tax computations. It’s easy for anyone to use, not just accountants and SMEs.


Due to knowledge gaps and the high cost of accounting services, client discovered that smaller enterprises do not frequently use accounting. Additionally, SQL Accounting is a popular accounting software used by many businesses and companies can be difficult and lack of convenient for business owners to maneuver because it’s highly technical and not user-friendly optimized. Realizing the need, they sought to fill it by developing a product that could assist SMEs and be used on any devices.


1. Simplified Accounting Processes

Shoebox was designed with the help of Beyonary to contain all of the main accounting tasks in a much simplified version. This feature alone removes barriers for many, particularly small business owners. Not only that, Beyonary achieved Shoebox’s goal of simplifying accounting reports by allowing any users to download or read them via the webapp at any time, from any location.

2. Storing Receipts In The Cloud

Receipts and invoices are essential in accounting, but storing them can be inconvenient. This is why Beyonary has equipped Shoebox with the function of uploading digital documents and storing them in the cloud. With this, users can minimise the risk of losing documents and have a more organised documentation system.

3. Multi-Company Management

A user or business owner may have more than one business. As a result, multi-company account management is an essential feature provided by Beyonary to ensure that a user’s numerous Shoebox accounts can be accessed using the same email address and password, making it easy to keep track of each account without having to log out and log back in with a separate email address.

Results & Benefits

Through months of developing closely with the founders of Shoebox, we were able to create a software that not only looks good on any device, emphasises on mobile-first display, but is also user friendly. 

Most importantly, Shoebox’s goal is fulfilled, which is to simplify accounting for business owners.

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