Tavis: CRM Web App

Tavis is dedicated to providing accessible and affordable quality education throughout Malaysia. The implementation of this advanced CRM and lead management system has allowed Tavis to efficiently scale their services and enhance their educational offerings.

Customised Software
Web App

This technological upgrade supports their commitment to educational excellence and operational efficiency, enabling them to focus more on their core mission of enhancing student learning experiences.

Manage lead
Efficient lead management optimizes sales processes and maximizes conversion opportunities. The system organizes, tracks, and nurtures leads effectively, empowering businesses to cultivate valuable relationships and drive growth.
Generate Student Report
Automate student report generation for streamlined data management and communication, ensuring accuracy, informed decision-making, and enhanced student outcomes in educational contexts.
Data Security and Integrity
Implemented stringent security protocols protect sensitive data, maintaining integrity throughout all processes. This ensures comprehensive protection, fostering trust and confidence in our operations and sensitive data handling.

Timeline Summary


months project duration

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