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Redefining property marketing

The TropiQuest: Explore & Earn campaign, a collaborative effort between Tropicana Corporation Berhad and Beyonary, marked a significant milestone in property marketing. With its focus on rapid and meaningful engagement, the campaign not only exceeded our KPIs but also brought to light the effectiveness of innovative engagement strategies.

Tropicana’s rich history

In the dynamically evolving property sector of Malaysia, Tropicana Corporation Berhad has carved a niche for itself. With more than 40 years of expertise and a keen understanding of the market’s shifting trends, Tropicana has been at the forefront of property development, offering diverse property listings that encompass various residential, commercial, and recreational projects.

Innovating interaction through Tropiquest

TropiQuest: Explore & Earn campaign introduces a fresh approach to industry engagement, offering an immersive and rewarding journey for all involved. Our aim was to inject innovation into property marketing, creating an engaging, interactive experience that speaks to a diverse audience.

The Results

17,000+ participants
The campaign garnered 17,000+ sign ups, with 40% active users on the platform.
Leads turned buyers
Successfully closed property purchases, translating the virtual engagement into tangible sales.
20% CVR
TropiQuest has mesmerized thousands, converting 20% of visitors into active participants.

Award Winning Campaign

TropiQuest: Explore & Earn was honored as the most unique campaign of 2023 in the property industry, setting a new benchmark for innovation.


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months campaign duration

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